August was awesome!

14 Sep

In the month of August, PLAND shared in the provocative company of our inaugural residents, Sophie Mellor from Bristol, UK and Topographia Collective from Albuquerque.

Having never been in the United States, Sophie met the Wild West with openness and bravery. She was provided with simple provisions for survival (a pit-house dug down to bedrock, a compost toilet, candles, drinking water, and a propane cook stove) and our eager company. Sophie brought with her a tiny rucksack, a wicked sense of humor, a calmness of spirit, a video camera, and an inquisitive mind. Our friend Bob took her under his wing, and showed Sophie the nuances of northern New Mexico – hot springs, Indian feast days, and the art of basket making.

During her month long stay, Sophie helped us to see the beauty in mundane actions, cooked some mean Thai peanut sauce, gave us awesome feedback, new perspectives, and an appreciation of urine. We can’t wait to see what emerges from her time at PLAND!

The Topographia Collective spent a couple nights at PLAND, beginning their serial residency. They are learning the lay of the land – by listening with radio transmitters to tectonic movement, divining for water thousands of feet beneath the rocky soil, and pacing off property measurements.

The Collective was our first houseguests – sleeping among newly erected posts, built the first fire in our fire circle, cooked the first meal on the land, and helped clarify the pioneering spirit and enthusiasm that is inherent in PLAND. The combination of Topographia’s expertise and ambition, and the burgeoning nature of PLAND is thrilling!

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