PLAND is a project of self-reliance, creative problem-solving, and collaboration. To help you prepare for your time at PLAND and/or your application, please read the following information very carefully.


The Humaure Hacienda


The Basics:

PLAND is remote — 30 miles from gas, medical facilities, or other services. As of Summer 2012, there is one small locally-owned and operated cafe that sells food, ice, has wifi, and functions as a community gathering place (of sorts). Residents must have transportation to and PLAND and for the duration of their residency, and must be equipped to problem-solve any situation that arises independently. Most cell phones have spotty reception, if any, and there is no reliable option for charging your phone on site. While it is remote, there are helpful neighbors within walking distance, several of whom are in the broad and unhindered line of sight.

We PLAND administrators orient residents and we all spend the first night or two together on the land, but thereafter, residents are very much alone. We will visit for a few days during each residency (with plenty of advance notice) to perform necessary work on the Main House and site. During our visits, we share the living space with you and participate in collaborative cooking, working, etc.

Other notables:

  • You must be at least 21 years old or older.
  • Your shelter is a small trailer equipped with a propane stove and two coolers. Please note there is no electricity, running water, or refrigerator/freezer.
  • We provide clean drinking water.
  • Be prepared for very rugged and irregular bathing. We have a wood-burning sauna on site built by former residents. We propose basin washing with DIY-filtered water from our cistern either inside the sauna or outside in the open air. We can also suggest some hot springs and rivers within driving distance.  There are also $3 showers at the gym in Taos.
  • Be prepared to compost your own waste — everything from food scraps to human poop — a process otherwise known as humanure. Since we do not have running water on site, you will use a 5-gallon bucket (located in the privacy of a clean outhouse) as your toilet and periodically empty its contents into the humaure compost pile. This composting system is a sustainable, clean, efficient way to deal with our waste and contribute to our larger agricultural goals. We will provide you with more information, instructions, and all the necessities
  • No visitors are allowed at PLAND unless otherwise and previously agreed upon with PLAND organizers.  This includes family, friends, and neighbors.  We discuss this more during orientation, but please note that PLAND is a place for residents only.
  • If you desire to be mobile while at PLAND, you must provide your own vehicle and/or other mode of transportation.

Q & A:

Do the administrators live at PLAND?

– No, we do not currently live on-site. PLAND is an ongoing experiment of how to create a sustainable way of life so, as we are figuring out how to do that, we are living our day-to-day lives someone in between “here” and “there.”

Does PLAND offer studio space?

– No. However, we do offer simple shelter and amenities for our residents and program participants.

Does PLAND offer money?

– Sometimes, depending on grants and other funding. We try to offer a modest stipend and/or funds for project materials.

Can I come visit?

– Sometimes, depending on the reason for your visit and the time of year. We are unable to accommodate drop-in visitors so make sure to contact us before heading our way. And since we currently offer summer programs, we are unable to accommodate winter visitors.

How can I collaborate with PLAND?

– There are many opportunities to work together! Contact us with your ideas, goals, dreams, schemes, and plans.

How can I donate and/or support PLAND?

– Buy a bumper sticker! Donate some materials! To find out more, have a look at our SUPPORT page.

How many programs can I apply for, and how often?

– As many and as often as you’d like!

Do you have other questions that aren’t listed here? Contact us.

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