Residency is the heart and soul of PLAND. Not only does the Summer Residency Program offer time and space to participants, but moreover, it offers the opportunity to deeply consider daily life. What does it mean to reside in a place? What supports or limits  a life off the grid? What happens when your cell phone loses its charge and the sun goes down and the water supply runs low?Each year, PLAND offers a number of residency awards to individuals and collaborative groups who apply through an open call process. Residencies span two to four weeks between June and September. PLAND provides modest shelter, clean water, an assortment of tools and materials, a unique context, and a small stipend (funding dependent). While we do provide you with time and space to further your creative practice, please be aware that PLAND does not provide studio spaces nor does PLAND function as a traditional art facility. Residents are responsible for their own food as well as their own transportation to, at, and from PLAND for the duration of their stay.

Some of the past PLAND residents have proposed specific projects while others have been more process oriented. The most successful residents have a curiosity about land use, alternative living, enjoy building and the outdoors, and are willing to have their experience shaped by wind, weather, and all manner of the unexpected.



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